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Belief part 2

I’ve travelled my entire life. I’ve been to 20 countries, met and worked with every kind of person you could imagine. Through travelling I’ve learned more than I ever did at university. A great part of my character, of who I am, was shaped by my movements around this planet. I’ve always believed in what’s different, new.

However, passing through places, is not living there. The people I’m most interested are those that have never been out of their own country. They’ve stayed put, and they seem happy. How could someone do that, I ask myself? Stay in one place? I met a man tonight that could reel off the local history of 10 square mi. from the past 500 years, and go on and on. Not only could he tell me about relationships of the people that he has known, but he could tell of those that lived here before and before that. I’m so intrigued by the people who can live a life like that. What makes a person who has travelled so interesting? I’m more interested in the vested local, the one who knows all about his neighborhood.

That person drives the same roads to the same job every day, like he has for years; to me, that takes courage. Worse, he sees the same people and makes the same small talk that he has for years. I’ve never stayed at a job for longer than a one-and-a-half years and I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 5 years. My mania takes over and I’m driven by a belief that my love, serendipity, is going to deliver me from this existence of workaday hell.

Belief. Do we need beliefs? My beliefs, and there are many, keep me occupied with the idea that I’ve something to accomplish, finish. Why do I need to accomplish? If I’m a secular chieftain of the tribe of one (we are essentially alone), why do I need to complete anything but meals and bowel movements? Nietzsche was miserable in his belief that beliefs weren’t necessary. So, if we humans need beliefs as a reference point, as a carrot on a stick, we could be led into almost any situation and really believe it.

Where is your point of reference if it isn’t religion, society/culture, nature?