Hello All,
I’m new to the blogging world but have been writing for years. Since I was 2 years old I’ve been on the move and haven’t lived anywhere for more than 5 years at a stretch. An itch? Yes, one could say that in the foot I have an itch and the only cure is to find some new ground to cure what ails me.

I like to tell people that I was born on the day before Mardi Gras 1962 in New Orleans. When I impart this information, most people are impressed. I sometimes give a furtive thanks and, though I played the starring role, I remind them that I had very little if any choice in the matter. But there is something magical about New Orleans. The alchemy no doubt came from the hundreds of years of African/Caribbean culture pouring through its environs. Somehow that magic has found its way into my life. My wife told me when we met that my Simple clogs looked like magic shoes, so there it is. My feet are thaumaturgical and sometimes move without out my brain engaged.

I have lived in Germany, India, Mexico, S. Korea and travelled to many more places. I play congas and bongos and I’m learning guitar. I’m working on my first work of creative nonfiction due for completion this year.

I’m presently passing through Dallas, Texas, which by the way is really the only way to do Dallas (sorry Debbie), and waiting for a Settlement Visa from the UK consulate in Los Angeles. My wife and I got married in Vegas on April 6th this year upon my return from Korea. Our meeting 10 years ago in Rishikesh, India, the years apart and our subsequent marriage are all the subject of my upcoming book.

All the Best to All


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