No Deceit

The sky turns. The river –

deep-running no deceit.

Slowly, my bones are settling,

rattling here under the osprey’s eye –

there’s a river pulling through me.


A diamond

compressed –

decompress a dream compressed.

Hard rocks, more rocks

rock climbing

nothing is more real than the sky turning bringing the

moon and sun to different languages,

or to cold feet and wet hands and tired eyes – all the rest is fabrication, lies –

a rock is hard

except by the water’s edge.

Crystal of a river’s beach

sparkles in the morning

after a river’s night of playing sculptor.


The night continues until day, and day until night.

The river flows and never stops.


About onepercussive

I'm 48 haven't stopped moving since 2. Born in New Orleans, but have traveled the world. Please look for my upcoming work Coalfire Diaries. View all posts by onepercussive

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