Winter, Spring…Spring, Winter

It was ever so faint. Her voice trembled with fear of another day. It was a voice speaking in a time only seen in her splitting heart, needy. When the fall is at its peak her blood will boil and heave and bring from all extremities the vanities of self-loathing. And darkness will pour from her heart; and as night turns to day, so will her bosom.

I saw a man outside my window putting a new cigarette to his old, almost-burnt-out one. The one was dying the other full of life sparking, smoking and finally on its way – burning.

I noticed as I was sitting there that I had an old breath, dying. So, I picked up a new one and pushed the one of life against the exhausted one and I continued writing.

And I can feel my love crying for me in the dark when no one is there; when those places that love filled, echo with the question of why we each have only become a need that is filled when solitary desire reflects on the other’s form, a shallow existence for all that is…

The ocean, the sky and everything. But I’m sure we will spoil love again, again.


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I'm 48 haven't stopped moving since 2. Born in New Orleans, but have traveled the world. Please look for my upcoming work Coalfire Diaries. View all posts by onepercussive

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