Origin of the Wind…(excerpt from my upcoming book)

The Origin of Wind

Is it possible that wind has an origin? Can a scientist say, “that wind came from umm…over there by that bush.”? I can say that I’m from New Orleans because I was born there. If I were the wind I can’t imagine where I’d say I was from. “Over there”, I’d say with as much conviction as I could muster. But my eyes would betray me.

But now I’m the one sitting here writing this and I know where I was born. And when the wind comes from the northeast for five days at a ferocious pace my eyes look like the wind’s – looking for a new place to be, looking for things misplaced, looking for a steady mind to muss up, looking for whence I’ve come.


It is curious here in Anglesey that once you’ve driven one mile from the coast the wind has gone again – as still as to bring a pond to a mirror.  The recondite force stirs my heart and I want to stay inside and sit there looking at the effects and wonder and ask my partner, “Can you believe this wind?”; only to have her shrug her shoulders because she is from this abstruse land of wind ‘o plenty.


“Is it bothering you, the wind?” she says, and I have no answer. A mountain man once told me that the wind, more than any other factor in the mountains, has been known to drive men mad. So, with eyes spinning, I say “No I just don’t know how it can just keep blowing day after day.” And her settled look defies the wind and I’m left looking out the window for a reprieve.



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2 responses to “Origin of the Wind…(excerpt from my upcoming book)

  • laradunning

    I lived for three years on Akutan in the Aleutian chain. It was often said it that the area was the birthplace of the winds. I’m one of those folks who like the wind, my husband on the other hand does not. To me, the wind is always changing, always pushing forward. I like the ideas you have brought up in connection with the wind and places.

    • onepercussive

      Thanks Lara for your feedback! I’m still getting used to the wind here in Wales; having said that it is a very calm day here. My wife doesn’t like it when it is calm she says it much too eerie….

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