Pardon Me

I realize that I’ve been sending people here to my blog and there is very little here that isn’t already on my site.

I’m busy now working on building a web presence as to help me launch my e-book in June. I get caught between editing and doing webmaster things that I know very little or nothing about.

I’m working on a new concept for this blog, but haven’t had been inspired enough to launch it yet. Moving towards an idea I had about “Reading Between the Lines” in the media. This I think would keep most of us busy for a very long time. Until then, all the best to all; and if you have the time, let me know if have any news stories where you have “Read Between the Lines”.


About onepercussive

I'm 48 haven't stopped moving since 2. Born in New Orleans, but have traveled the world. Please look for my upcoming work Coalfire Diaries. View all posts by onepercussive

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